Tax Services

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Nicholas Aiola, CPA - Tax Services


When you hear the word “taxes”, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Probably something along the lines of: challenging, a different language, frightening…


We all know that the tax code can be daunting and extremely difficult to decipher. My job is to handle that for you – I study the intricate details of the tax code to find the best methods of applying those rules and regulations to you––specific to your situation––saving you time and money.


I prepare federal, state, and local tax returns for a wide range of individuals, businesses, and organizations. Apart from other tax preparers, I offer year-round tax services, including tax planning strategies and consulting because, let’s face it, things happen. An annual meeting at tax time is insufficient and impractical – I strive to provide continuous, quality service whenever tax related issues, questions, or concerns arise.


With my relationship-driven approach, you can spend your time focusing on what is most important to you, knowing that through my guidance, your tax related stress will be alleviated.


Sound tax advice is the foundation of your financial well-being, which is why tax services remain at the heart of my business.


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